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Dirty Looks NYC | YONEMOTOS ’80s Videos


Wednesday, March 28, 8:30 – 10:30 PM
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South
New York
Blinky (with Jeffrey Vallance), Video, 15 min., 1988
Kappa, Video, 26 min., 1986
Vault, Video, 12 min., 1984
Garage Sale II, Video, 30 min., 1980
Dirty Looks presents an evening of early video by Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, brothers who have worked in collaboration on a body of work since 1976. In their acclaimed 1980s video work, the Yonemotos deconstruct and rewrite the hyperbolic vernacular with which the mass media constructs cultural mythologies. Ironically employing pop narrative forms like soap opera, Hollywood melodrama, and TV advertising, the Yonemotos work from “the inside out” to expose pervasive media manipulation of contemporary reality and fantasy, individual and collective identity.

Gear Tip | 2 ft. 4 Bank Kino Flos


Gear Tip 02

The Video Studio would like to gladly welcome our new lighting fixtures!  These 2ft 4 banks are produced by Kino Flo and both come complete with #55 and #32 temperature bulbs.  The entire kit also fits neatly into a Kino carrying case with wheels!

HINT:  These lights are also known as “fat boys” on set.